Avviso modifica Condizioni Generali di Contratto Servizi TLC

Informiamo i CLIENTI che CLOUDITALIA ha provveduto ad aggiornare le proprie Condizioni Generali di Contratto dei Servizi TLC adeguandole a quanto imposto dalle Delibere Agcom nn. 348/18/CONS - 133/18/CIR - 487/18/CONS - 347/18/CONS. Trattandosi di modifiche imposte da Leggi e Regolamenti, le nuove Condizioni Generali saranno automaticamente applicate a far data dalla pubblicazione delle stesse sul sito web www.clouditalia.com alla sezione “Area Clienti” il 10/01/2019. Consulta l’informativa di dettaglio e le nuova documentazione contrattuale in “Area Clienti”.

Avviso adeguamento delibera AGCOM n. 348/18/CONS sulla libertà di scelta delle apparecchiature terminali dal 1 dicembre 2018

A partire dal 1 dicembre 2018, in ottemperanza alla Delibera AGCOM n. 348/18/CONS, CLOUDITALIA garantisce ai propri CLIENTI il diritto di utilizzare i dispositivi per l’accesso ad internet (modem, router, access gateway VoIP) di loro scelta. Per la corretta configurazione dei Dispositivi Internet scelti dal CLIENTE, CLOUDITALIA comunica - senza oneri aggiuntivi - le specifiche e i parametri necessari tramite la lettera di attivazione (cd. Welcom Letter) del Servizio e/o accedendo al sito web alla sezione “Area Clienti”.
In adeguamento alla predetta Delibera, CLOUDITALIA, mette a disposizione del CLIENTE sottoscrizioni di offerte in abbinamento con i Dispositivi Internet “a titolo oneroso” e in noleggio prevedendo tale servizio come “opzionale”. Le offerte di servizi integrati prevedono la fornitura del Dispositivo Internet “a titolo gratuito” e in comodato d’uso. In entrambi i casi, le condizioni economiche e tecniche aggiuntive collegate alla fornitura sono indicate nelle Specifiche Tecniche, Descrittive e Tariffarie relative al Servizio di cui trattasi. Coloro che alla data di entrata in vigore delle Condizioni Generali di cui all’avviso che precede usufruiscono di Servizi resi tramite Dispositivo Internet CLOUDITALIA a titolo oneroso e in noleggio, in aderenza alla Delibera n. 348/18/CONS, possono recedere dal servizio opzionale senza oneri diversi dalla mera restituzione del Dispositivo Internet fornito da CLOUDITALIA e scegliere di utilizzare il proprio Dispositivo Internet, laddove tecnicamente possibile.
I servizi di installazione e manutenzione dei Dispositivi Internet scelti dal CLIENTE sono attività anch’esse libere e possono essere liberamente affidate dal CLIENTE a soggetti terzi a proprio onere e a propri costi. CLOUDITALIA non risponde per servizi di installazione e manutenzione, nonché per disservizi che riguardino esclusivamente il funzionamento del Dispositivo Internet scelto dal CLIENTE o che da quest’ultimo derivino, il quale deve rispondere alle esigenze tecniche necessarie alla corretta fruizione dei Servizi. Per maggiori dettagli consulta la FAQ “Come posso utilizzare il mio dispositivo internet?” e la nuova documentazione contrattuale in “Area Clienti”.

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28 Integrated telephone service solution and Internet access for Professionals, Companies and Public Administrations that allows direct connection to Clouditalia network without having to change your number or your phone.
  • 2 telephone lines (that can be increased up to 8)
  • Free calls(1) to both Italian landline numbers and mobiles
  • WiFi device on loan for free use

Connection VDSL FTTC(2)
up to 200 MB/s or symmetrical
from 2 up to 10 MB/s

Standard profile
or with
Mobile option

Services included in the option

  • Connection of both traditional switchboards (FXS/ISDN) and VoiP(3) (Ethernet - IPBX)
  • Virtual fax to receive and send faxes from your own email address
  • Static IP address
  • Call forwarding, selective call barring, number display or restriction
  • Possibility to configure blocks of numbers with Direct Dialing
  • Possibility to retain the same telephone number (Number Portability)
  • Possibility to use a router owned by the customer, chosen from the list of products certified by Clouditalia, installed and configured by Clouditalia, without any increase in costs for the customer.

(1) Up to 3.000 min/month per line to Italian landline numbers; as for the profile StartImpresa Mobile also 500 min/month per line to Italian mobile numbers; minutes can be used by all telephone lines. The traffic exceeding the minutes included in the option will be charged according to the standard conditions of the service. Traffic that has not been used during the month cannot be added to the ones available for the following one. No connection charges. Billing according to the actual length of the conversation.

(2) VDSL FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet) accesses are activated at the maximum speed allowed by the technical characteristics of the line owned up to a maximum of 30 Mb/s - 3 Mb/s, 50 Mb/s - 10 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s -20Mb/s and 200 Mb/s - 20Mb/s. The speed of access and navigation is not guaranteed because it depends on variable technical factors of the Network, on the characteristics of the user's PC, on the congestion of the Internet Network, on the quality of the line and on the connected server. The service can be provided upon verification of the effective availability of the line with the required quality features. For these reasons, during the installation phase of the service, Clouditalia will be able to communicate to the customer the impossibility of following up the activation due to technical unavailability.

(3) The option is currently available only for StartImpresa Mobile.



StartImpresa StartImpresa Mobile
Activation: 120 € Activation: 120 €
Monthly Fee: 65 € Monthly Fee: 75 €
Linephones: free* Linephones and Mobiles: free*
Destination Prices Euro/min
Nationals 0,01
Mobile TIM 0,10
Mobile Vodafone 0,10
Mobile Wind 0,10
Mobile H3G 0,10
Mobile 310 Elsacom 0,50
Mobile 313 RFI 0,25

* Up to 3.000 min/month per line to Italian landline numbers; as for the profile StartImpresa Mobile also 500 min/month per line to Italian mobile numbers; minutes can be used by all telephone lines. The traffic exceeding the minutes included in the option will be charged according to the standard conditions of the service. No connection charges. Billing according to the actual length of the conversation.

The rate indicated shall apply to national traffic exceeding the minutes included foreseen in the service. No connection charges. Billing according to the actual length of the conversation



  • Additional telephone lines
  • Additional Clouditalia numbers
  • Symmetrical Internet access
  • Connection VDSL FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet) up to 50, 100 and 200 Megabit/s
  • Internet Plus
  • Additional public IP addresses

Cloud Package (optional)


Personal Storage

The Personal Storage service allows to store large amounts of data such as static images, audio-video files or document archives. Content can be accessed via local clients that manage virtual archives as if they were in folders on a disk connected to the server. The Personal Storage service can be used with the most common clients that are compatible with S3 storage. The service architecture consists in a system characterized by distributive dynamics that eliminate vulnerability. The structure was created in order to guarantee self-healing (self-repair), by distributing different copies of the data in the servers. When a file is uploaded to the storage space, the system automatically creates two copies of the same file and saves them on disks randomly chosen and allocated in different servers, ensuring that 3 copies of the data are always available on the system.


BooleBox is the only truly secure file sync and share solution, purposely designed for individuals and businesses who have sensitive data they need to protect. Unlike typical file sharing services, BooleBox offers complete privacy and control over your data with Personal Keys encryption and data controls, without compromising the usability.


Outlook Encryptor: thanks to the advanced encryption system e-mails in Microsoft Outlook can not be intercepted or read by unauthorized users.
Gmail Encryptor: all users who have a Google account, with the Secure Gmail plug-in can send and receive encrypted emails from the web interface.
File Encryptor: allows you to encrypt any type of file in a granular way and by setting automatic rules up to a max of 10,000 files (app on request).
Microsoft Office 365: total integration with Office 365 that allows you to create and work with new Office files anywhere and from any device.

Personal Storage 100 GB 300 GB 500 GB
BooleBox 1 User 3 User 5 User
Monthly fee FREE* instead 20,98 € 49,99 € instead 52,98 € 75,99 € instead 79,98 €

* Small package free until 30/06/2019.



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