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BooleBox is the only truly secure file sync and share solution, purposely designed for individuals and businesses who have sensitive data they need to protect. Unlike typical file sharing services, BooleBox offers complete privacy and control over your data with Personal Keys encryption and data controls, without compromising the usability.





  • Available spaceyou can save, synchronize and share data securely up to 1TB per user.
  • Personal Keys: BooleBox allows you to create several personal encryption keys for each file or folder.
  • Anti screen capture: reduces screen capture risks from print screen and video grabbing applications.
  • Secure Sync: automatic synchronization of files between local, cloud and mobile computers.
  • Desktop and mobile app: you can access your own secure Cloud space from any device.
  • Backup: backup of files and folders up to 100 previous versions.
  • Notes: possibility to collaborate on documents through notes, both graphic and textual.
  • Activity Report: control on the timing and accesses of those who worked on individual files.
  • Synchronization with Active Directory: automatic synchronization of users directly from Active Directory and group management.
  • Classification: BooleBox allows you to automatically classify files with granular rules established by an administrator.
  • Dashboard Manager: allows control of accounts and global settings of space and security.
  • Extra Users: possibility to add up to 20 users, to reach a maximum of 25 users.


Outlook Encryptor: thanks to the advanced encryption system e-mails in Microsoft Outlook can not be intercepted or read by unauthorized users.
Gmail Encryptor: all users who have a Google account, with the Secure Gmail plug-in can send and receive encrypted e-mails directly from the Gmail web interface.
File Encryptor: allows you to encrypt any type of file in a granular way and by setting automatic rules up to a maximum of 10,000 files (application on request).
Microsoft Office 365: total integration with Office 365 that allows you to create and work with new Office files anywhere and from any device.



Clouditalia cloud services are hosted exclusively in Data Centers located in the European Community, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation directives (GDPR)
User Monthly Price Annual Price Features Applications
Available space (max 5 TB)1 TB (per user)
Additional space (on request)
Personal KeysIllimitated
Activity Report
Anti screen capturIllimitated
Sincr. with Active Directory
Secure Sync
Desktop and Mobile App
Manager Dashboard
Buckup up to 99 previous vers.
Extra Users

Outlook Encryptor

Gmail Encryptor

File Encryptor
(up to 10.000 files)
application on request

Integration with
Microsoft Office 365

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Total configuration:

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How it works


Upload: the file is divided into blocks of 1024 bytes and sent in secure mode
Application Server performs the encryption of the blocks thanks to Private Keys
Il Server Storage receives the blocks and stores the entire file in encrypted mode




Tutorial BooleBox

Upload e cifra i tuoi file in BooleBox

Upload e cifra i tuoi file in BooleBox

Upload e cifra i tuoi file in BooleBox
Personal Key in BooleBox

Personal Key in BooleBox
Condividere file cifrati con BooleBox

Condividere file cifrati con BooleBox
Condivisione con Anticattura e Deter photo shots

Condivisione con Anticattura e Deter photo shots
Email sicure con BooleBox

Email sicure con BooleBox
Classificazione controllata dei file con BooleBox

Classificazione controllata dei file con BooleBox