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DAV (Accesso Diretto Voce)

Accesso Diretto Voce Wholesale (DAV) is a service specifically designed to meet the requirements of national and international Carriers and Service Providers, having a network infrastructure (even if minimal), that may rely on Clouditalia in order to provide full voice services to their customer avoiding unnecessary investments (such as interconnections to the incumbent, licensing, numbering, etc..).

Thanks to its widespread presence in the domestic territory, Clouditalia may help Providers who wants to manage its own “VOIP Switch” to provide a nation wide voice services through one interconnection used for voice collections and terminations.

Providers can assign Clouditalia geographic numbers to their end Users or port existing numbers thanks to the Number Portability feature performed by Clouditalia.
Traffic Collection/Termination is exchanged with the Provider by the use of a specific link which interconnects Clouditalia Public Network to the Provider’s local exchange.
Clouditalia offers three alternative interconnections to the Provider: