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Servizio Prepagato PIN

It is a service intended to partners who want to offer on the market their own branded phone services, using Clouditalia infrastructure and network systems but managing their relationship (Sales and Customer Care) with end customers.

With this solution, partners can use Clouditalia technological platform and telecommunications network, delivering a high quality service with very low investments.

By using a PIN (Personal Identification Number), a user can place calls from any phone towards any number worldwide. The Partner is assigned a dedicated set of service access numbers (Toll Free or local numbers).

Call charges are debited onto the PIN without affecting the credit associated to the calling line. Clouditalia generates and delivers the PINs to the partner, who may distribute them as telephone cards (scratch cards) or on-line, through a website.
The service is provided by means of a technological platform wholly developed by Clouditalia, performing validation and billing for each call, charged onto the PIN.
Voice massages guiding the end user to use the service can be customized upon request. Basic and advanced features can be provided to the partner (Interactive Voice Response IVR, Fraud Detection System, calling number and PIN registration, online recharge, selective incoming/outgoing calls barring, etc. etc ...) .