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Are you an Agent, Agency, Partner or a Reseller? Working with us means having the support of a trustworthy Partner that will help you provide your clients with innovative solutions and products. Make your business competitive relying on Clouditalia's know-how and infrastructure. Commissions at the highest market levels, training courses and our sales agents' tutoring, use of corporate IT systems and access to highly rewarding canvas tenders; these are only a few of the advantages that allow our channel Partners to become more competitive.
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What is Partner Program?

A space where you can share a common goal and cooperate in order to provide your client with the best offer. We have envisaged a level structure where you can find the best solution to your need and features. Each profile has its own tools that are available to the client in order to facilitate and support their business (case history, dedicated training days, co-branding events advertisement, service creation and the like). Training paths are also available to analyze the issues regarding products and to create a common language.

  • Co-branding events
  • Pre sales and engineering dedicated
  • Training tools
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Are you an Agent, Agency, Partner or a Reseller?Join us

Joining the Partner Program means joining a dedicated program, with a wide range of contents, training material and support tools that will support you and will simplify your business. Send us a request by filling in the form. Our team will promptly contact you in order to give you further information and help you during the subscription stage. You will be able to decide how you want to join the program by selecting the best profile to meet your needs.

  • Discount on services
  • Additional discount on bid
  • Dedicated training days
  • Co-branding events
  • Case History
  • Access to canvas
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