The evolution of digital systems is a big opportunity that increases competitiveness, improves both internal and external processes, facilitates and simplifies communication and collaboration among people, groups and organizations. Digital communication and Cloud-based applications instantly make your job easier besides increasing productivity, reducing investments, and increasing your revenues.

Clouditalia is the Telecommunications and Cloud-based integrated services company dedicated to the labour market: companies, professionals and public administration ready to seize the opportunities offered by the constant evolution of both the global market and digital economy.
Our Vision, therefore, is:

  • launching innovative services, especially conceived in order to make both Italian SMEs and the Public Administration more competitive.
  • contributing to the relaunch of the industrial system by facilitating doing business in Italy, making it less expensive and more competitive; particular attention is paid to start-ups and young entrepreneurs who can turn Cloud Computing into their best ally in order to launch their company with fewer costs and increased efficiency"
  • being unique, the only operator in Italy to provide services and solutions in the TLC sector in order to be able to compete with the strongest players. Italian SMEs need a basic TLC with a good level of service; the market, however, has neglected this potential group of clients so far. In addition, Clouditalia needs to return to being a reference partner on the WHS market.


The world of applications and software relies more and more on both telecommunications and the web. The need for mobility makes it necessary to access applications from devices such as smartphones or tablets. Clouditalia adds a special ingredient: an approach based on processes analysis, enabled by an innovative technological platform that allows solving operational problems without having to modify existing software systems. A platform of advanced services is thus created; the browser is its only interface, knowing operational processes is the only requirement for services' set-up and the network is the guarantee of quality and reliability.

In addition, our Mission implies:

  • Working in the Telecommunications sector on the whole Italian territory in the Business, Internet Service Provider and Carriers sector for the Voice, Data and Internet offer.
  • Becoming the main SMEs' provider of TLC and CLOUD-based services with standardized TOP services; offering "Tailored" solutions to our Large Client base and achieving excellence in our services quality as well as in our support network.
  • Designing, building, developing and managing software solutions, both flexible and innovative, that allow our clients to achieve their business goals and that contribute to both creating more value for our shareholders and valuing all our workers.
  • Directing the Company's actions towards the best use of resources, being aware that its economic and social growth are linked to the contribution and participation of all its employees who will be made aware of safety at work and health standards. Top-level management strongly believes that everyone can and must contribute to achieving such goal by tapping into their skills, knowledge, experience and sense of responsibility.
  • Performing corporate activities in a way that meets both Clients' and Third Parties' needs while guaranteeing adequate levels of Information Security.

As for Safety at work, the Company considers WHS as an integral part of the corporate management; each worker, according to their tasks and competences, is responsible for its implementation. Standing out thanks to both the Employer's and top-level management's commitment to spreading and complying with a health and safety system in the workplace.


Clouditalia is committed to:

  • providing its Clients with the best quality of the products/services it offers as well as with the best relationship in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements
  • guaranteeing the implementation of the norms relating to safety at work
  • guaranteeing the importance of Safety intended as a tool that allows information exchange, by means of:
    • information protection from non-authorized access;
    • information storage and confidentiality;
    • implementation of regulatory and legislative requirements;
    • the guarantee that information will not be disclosed to non-authorized people, whether intentionally or due to negligence;
    • the protection of information integrity from non-authorized changes;
    • information availability, when necessary, to authorized users;
    • the set-up, maintenance and trial of the corporate continuity plans as far as possible;
    • the involvement of the whole staff in information security training;
    • the analysis of criticality and suspected weaknesses of information security.

To respect such commitment, Senior Management accurately monitors all processes besides ensuring that the Integrated Management System is compliant with the reference one. Clouditalia is also committed to:

  • respecting and ensuring the compliance with the laws in force in the States where it runs its activity as well as the ethical principles illustrated in its Code of Ethics and in its WHS policy (Workplace Health and Safety).
  • considering its employees/associates as a strategic resource, thus guaranteeing the respect of their rights, promoting their accountability, participation and professional/personal development and understanding their needs and expectations, making them more aware and training them to perform their tasks safely. The Company is committed to providing both the human and instrumental resources necessary to the policy's success which will be supported by workers' involvement and availability as well as by their safety representatives.
  • considering its suppliers as partners, both from an operational standpoint and by involving them in its ethical path while paying more and more attention to their choice and assessment
  • implementing a system of cooperation, communication and dialogue with all involved Parties, thus allowing them to test the actual ethics and quality of Clouditalia's services
  • managing possible complaints coming from all the involved Parties

Clouditalia is also committed to:

  • scheduling and performing its activity aiming at ensuring safety at work in order to reduce and prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases
  • performing risk assessment for each task, activity, premises and plant and to defining protection and prevention measures
  • incentivizing the whole corporate structure to take part in and contribute to achieving the company's goals
  • managing tenders and professional services in order to protect its staff as well as third parties'
  • defining corporate goals that aim at improving corporate health and safety conditions; these will be re-examined, assessed and redefined periodically
  • providing sufficient resources to implement the above-mentioned points.

In order to keep improving, and bearing in mind the foreword, Senior Management defines the following goals:

  • increasing its market position in the Telecommunications sector;
  • developing and attacking the Cloud Computing market;
  • driving the SMEs market with basic TLC/CLOUD-based services at market prices;
  • focusing commercial operations on the areas equipped with proprietor infrastructures by means of geomarketing analysis;
  • maintaining Customer Base TOP Executive and Large with a proactive action aimed at the clients who are more likely to grow, by offering them TLC/CLOUD-based integrated services;
  • directing all efforts towards the improvement of the virtuous cycle service-quality-business development, by tapping into the corporate excellence;
  • continuing business development and the promotion of all the services offered;
  • ensuring the continuous and measurable improvement of corporate performance by means of costs reduction, Resources optimization, the study of new technologies while paying special attention to the ethics of the performance, the organization and the processes, especially the ones that directly influence the quality of both the product and the service always trying to satisfy both internal and external clients;
  • eliminating risks for people's safety by relying on acquired knowledge and technical progress; trying to deal with the source that generated them so as to reduce them as much as possible;
  • replacing everything that may be potentially dangerous with non or less dangerous elements while always paying attention to residual risks;
  • applying ergonomic principles to the workplace, during the design stage as well as in the choice of equipment and in the definition of working methods, in order to reduce both monotony and hardships;
  • prioritizing collective protection measures as well as the respect of individual protection ones and assessing their implementation;
  • focusing health control on the peculiarities of each type of risk;
  • defining and organizing the emergency measures to be adopted in case of first aid, fire fighting,evacuation of workers and in case of immediate and serious danger while also defining possible preventive measures;
  • performing maintenance operations to guarantee that the workplace, the equipment, machinery and plants function properly and are not a source of risk, in compliance with technical, periodical specifications indicated by the manufacturers;
  • providing both the workers and their representatives with information, training and assistance on issues such as safety and health both in the workplace and in the surrounding environment;
  • supporting and motivating its staff for the promotion of ethical principles as well as for those relating to the quality of both products and services; in so doing, internal and external suggestions will be taken into account;
  • defining and organizing all necessary measures to guarantee maximum information confidentiality;
  • defining all necessary measures to guarantee both logical and physical security of corporate assets;
  • defining a backup policy;
  • defining a Business Continuity policy and a Disaster Recovery one;
  • identifying, through careful risk assessment, the value of IT resources in order to understand their vulnerabilities and the threats that may put them at risk;
  • managing risks adequately by designing, implementing and maintaining a formal System for the Management of Information Security;
  • formulating, timely and periodically, a Training Plan for internal staff; this is a necessary activity for the corporate development and growth as well as for the improvement of the Integrated Management System.

Senior Management:

  • appoints the Representative for Quality to whom it gives mandate and authority to perform all necessary actions to define and implement a management system for quality that complies with the reference standards, that is suitable for achieving the goals defined here while favouring improvement through the right activities and initiatives;
  • appoints the Information Security Officer; appoints the Protection and Prevention Officer to whom it confers the responsibilities connected to the task, in compliance with Legislative Decree 9 April 2008 n°81;
  • appoints the Officer in charge of the integrated system for safety;
  • appoints the Representative of the integrated system management for safety;
  • designates, in accordance with RSPP, staff members paying special attention to prevention and emergency teams as well as to the first aid structure;
  • appoints the competent physician when envisaged by legislative provisions;
  • guarantees the respect of the Employer's responsibilities in compliance with Legislative Decree 9 April 2008 n°81.

Senior Management also complies with the Legislation including the following norm in force in the Italian State:

  • Legislative Decree n° 196 of 2003, Code on Personal Data Protection that regulates personal data processing.

  • Attachment B Legislative Decree 196 of 2003 containing the norms for the detection of minimum security measures for personal data processing.

  • Legislative Decree n° 518 of 1992 that amends the Royal Decree n° 633 of 1941 about copyright and integrates it with norms relating to the legal protection of computer programs.

  • Law n° 248 of 2000 that introduces new norms for the protection of copyright.

  • Law n° 547 of 1993 that amends the Italian penal code introducing the so-called "computer crimes".

  • Legislative Decree n° 467 of 2001 containing corrective measures and amendments to the norms relating to personal data protection, pursuant to article 1 of law 24 March 2001, n. 127.

Being compliant with:

  • All the contractual conditions of each client as far as information security is concerned.

  • Resolutions and provisions of the Privacy Authority.

Policy Review

The review of the integrated system considers, among its verification elements, the continuous adjustment of the policy due to corporate changes, as well as the achievement of the goals envisaged by the policy itself. The policy is reviewed annually according to the system monitoring results; appropriate changes are made if necessary; such changes are then communicated in the new document issued.


CLOUDITALIA Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., a sole shareholder company, is part of IRIDEOS S.p.A. and is a company that offers a winning, advanced model of communications services and applications.

Through this model, Clouditalia aims at creating value, thus contributing to the well-being and the professional growth of its employees and associates; it also aims at introducing new innovative elements into the technological sector in full compliance with corporate values.

In pursuing its mission and achieving its goals, Clouditalia is committed to being as transparent and clear as possible at all organizational levels.

Clouditalia has decided to adopt the Code of Ethics of the parent company IRIDEOS SpA as its own.